Turning Points Story Page & Reposting Poisonous Dreams

Last update for the night.

I sent a test update earlier, hoping that it works. I have the subscription updates set to email once a day a collection of all the updates, rather than six or seven separate emails. So for days when I update a story with two chapters and then added a site update, you get one email not three.

So if by tomorrow at 4 PM EST, you haven’t received my test email and you think you’re registered to do so, please let me know by replying to this post or any other on the site.

Second, I added the two extra sort archives: Year Written and Year Set. I think all the stories are tagged, but I’ll make period passes to be sure.

I decided to start reposting Poisonous Dreams, and added Prologue & Chapter 1. It’s not in the completed or in progress section, but is listed as an extra under A Few Words Too Many to prevent confusion later.

I added the story page for Turning Points finally.

And, mostly exciting — I moved The Best Thing from Stage 1 (Outlining) to Stage 2 (Storyboarding). That won’t take me more than the rest of tonight and part of tomorrow. I’ll be writing all week 😛


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