Throwback Thursday #3: Once I was a Carly fan…

Throwback Thursday #3: Carly and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I’m down on the Jersey shore today, and I was looking through my stories, trying to find something that was vacation related or sort of fluffy. Uh, it turns out this is not what I write. I’ll make a mental note for later on that.

So I picked out this short story I wrote in 2006 about Carly. Don’t click away yet 😛

Back in 2006, I liked every single piece of the show for about ten months. It’s probably the longest stretch of time where I liked everything since the 90s. It was my favorite year of storytelling, and I really liked Laura Wright in her first year. She brought something interesting to that character at first — she didn’t know the entire history and was still tentative in some ways. For the Carly after the breakdown of the year before, this was something interesting. Of course now, Carly makes me feel very violent but back then, there was still hope for the Carly character.

This is a short story set in Carly’s POV as she finishes up her day and pays Jason a visit — only to run into someone at his penthouse. It’s light, it’s fluff, and I remember having a lot of fun writing it. I hope you have fun revisiting it — or maybe reading it for the first time.

Quick note re: future updates – I’m probably bringing back Flash Fiction next week as I feel more ready to tackle it, but I’ll be shifting it into a weekend schedule since we’re almost back to school already. I’ll let you know as we get closer to the date. I might update on Sunday — I get home from the shore on Saturday.


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