The Best Thing – Sooner Than You Think and Novella Collection

So first, I’ve been hard at work at The Best Thing. I wanted finish up to Chapter 12 before I resumed posting once a week. I’ve finished Chapters 8 and 9, as well as Chapter 12. I’m about halfway through Chapter 10, and plan to finish Chapter 11 by the end of the week. So all things considered, I could resume posting as early as next week. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Second, I’m working on editing a collection of my novellas and short stories (specifically the song fiction) into an ebook. (With an eye towards the ficlets and shorter stories in another one. The preliminary list I have so far for this follows:

A Second Chance
Rest in Pieces
Come Clean
No Angel
First Do No Harm
What Would Happen
Good Intentions

Short Stories
Daughter to Father
Cry Ophelia
Please Remember
Where Can We Go From Here
I Surrender
I’ll Believe It’s Not My Fault
Lizzie Does Thanksgiving

As you can see, I hope to have that ready by next Tuesday, but I may push it back a week. I’m certainly pushing back I Shall Believe, since I’m not sure what made think I could get it edited in a week. Haha, I’ll update the release date schedule when I get a chance.



  • glad to hear from you and that we should have something new to read soon

    According to Nicole on October 22, 2014
  • This all sounds very exciting! I can hardly wait to see what your fertile mind cooks up…

    According to Carla(kcke2pen) on October 22, 2014