The Best Thing – Finally Added!

I posted on Facebook last night that I was going to post The Best Thing on Thursday, but then I went and wrote all of Chapter Six in about two hours, because sometimes a story just works. I’ll be posting two chapters a week, so I’ve got a decent buffer to keep the chapters flowing. The next chapter is due on Friday (or possibly very late Thursday for me). So…Chapter One is finally online!

I also added two chapters of Poisonous Dreams yesterday.

I continue to hear from you guys that your updates are starting to arrive. I think I’ve removed everyone that has contacted me, but please don’t hesitate to yell at me if I missed you šŸ˜›

I know I’m overdue to add Damaged, Episode 004 and I am really sorry. I’m going to finish up TBT 7 this week and hopefully have Damaged 4 out this weekend, but next week is going to be rough. I have a friend staying with me starting Friday, and then leaving for Ireland next Tuesday for three days, and then a dissertation conference right after that.

Edit: For some reason, Microsoft Word pretended I didn’t spend a half hour going over the beta copy Cora sent me and because I thought it had…you know..believed me when I accepted her changes, I just went ahead and posted without rereading the chapter. Technology, I smite thee. Anyway, I put off fixing it because I posted this bastard in four places and it didn’t seem fair not to fix it in all places. So that’s all done now.


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