TBT 7 Updated And My Life Is On Hold

So you guys know I live in London right now, going to graduate school to get my Masters degree.  I leave here August 30, hopefully to return home to substitute in high school for a few months before getting hired to teach in a community college. In order for these things to happen, I have to get my Masters degree, which means I have to do the absolute best I can on my dissertation.

Right now, no matter what I seem to do, that saps all my creative energy. I just…don’t have the time to write or even the inspiration and I don’t want to churn out crap. The last few scenes I finished for Damaged were forced and I just…don’t want to do that to myself, much less the people who care enough to read it.

So, unsurprisingly, I’m just not making any promises. Once my academic life is done and my dissertation is turned in (September 14, 2014), I can turn my attention back to things that make me happy.

Just…bear with me.

In other news, I have added Chapter 7 to the The Best Thing, completing Part One (the shortest section of the story, ha), updated The Best Thing Soundtrack, Volume 2, and added the new featured stories as voted on by you guys.

So in the lieu of new updates, feel free to browse the site. If you haven’t read or commented before, please do so now. I hope you guys will still be around when my brain comes back.


  • Good luck with your dissertation. Concentrate on what you need to, I know I will be waiting until you get back to writing. Thanks for the update.

    According to shay on August 2, 2014
  • Good luck with your school stuff. I’ll be here when you find your inspiration again. Thanks for letting us no.

    According to Lisa on August 5, 2014