Surviving the Past Repost Complete; Daughters & Few Words

pastThis will be the last large update for the forseeable future (unless someone unearths one of my other longer stories that are still missing, see The Fiction Graveyard for what I still know to be missing).  Thanks to the amazing people who apparently thought my writing was good enough to save and the fact that few things on the Internet are ever completely lost, I have gone a long way towards reconstructing my entire writing portfolio. There are some probably some short stories still missing and three completed longer fics for sure, but for the most part, everything is here. So, this is the last time multiple chapters for multiple fics will be added. From now, one it’ll be one, maybe two a day.

I decided to just suck it up and post the last eight chapters of Surviving the Past, so that I’m daughtersnot driving people nuts.  The story is completely up and posted, flaws and cheesy lines 😛 Thanks again to Carla for saving it, and then sending it on to me. I will be forever grateful.

Just before midnight last night, I wrote the words THE END at the end of Chapter 24 for A Few Words Too Many. I’ll put more in my author’s note at the point I post the last chapter, but it was bittersweet to finish it. Few Words convinced me, more so than Shadows, that I could still write Liason fanfiction despite what the show has done to this couple.

toomanyWhat’s next? I still have to write the last two chapters of Daughters, but I suspect I’ll find the time to do that while on break from papers and presentations this week. I’m also working on the plotting for Damaged. I may have posted the story a bit too precipitously, as I want to rework some the episode outlines I’ve put together, so Episode 3 may be delayed. I’m also storyboarding Mad World, in preparation to begin posting it in June 2014.

These Small Hours and Tangle are the next two stories I’ll be posting simulataneously, but they’re not very far ahead, so it’s a good thing it’ll take me two weeks to finish posting Daughters & Few Words, so that I can get a few more chapters ahead on both.


Surviving the Past: Chapters 21-Epilogue
Daughters: Chapter 16
A Few Words Too Many: Chapter 14


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