We’re going to say I updated on Monday as  I had planned, since it’s 11:30 PM London time, and that’s close enough. I was looking at a calendar and realized that April 28 is only three weeks away, ha, and it turns out that I have a 12 page paper and a 15 minute German presentation due on the same day. Why I scheduled my German presentation the same day is beyond me, but such is life. I’ve only kind of dabbled in starting either, so tomorrow is being spent at the British Library researching the Permanent Court of International Justice before coming home to clean my room, hopefully get my LL2/Liason DVD edits in the mail before going out to pub quiz with some friends, whom I haven’t seen since we got back from separate vacations last week.

That entire spiel was to explain why I updated Daughters and A Few Words Too Many tonight rather tomorrow morning as normal. Chapter 3 for Daughters is online, and Chapter 5 for A Few Words Too Many is ready.

I don’t have anything else fancy to add, other than I can’t wait for my LL2 edits to come in. They cover August 1997 through November 1998, which is Liz’s rape storyline. I had those on VHS almost fifteen years ago, but they were lost in a fire, and I ordered the Liason DVD that covers August 1999 through April 2001. I will be one happy Liz fan this week 🙂 Expect a new Liz-focused layout once I get them in, rip them to my computer and screencap them.


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