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Hey, surprise! I had a choice tonight between working on These Small Hours or, uh, this. And I chose this for two reasons. One, I figure no one would argue with me, and two, more importantly, the ending of the last part wasn’t the plan, lol, and I have a picture in my head of what happens next, and I’m sort afraid I’ll lose it if I wait until Wednesday. Like I said, I doubt anyone is going to be disappointed you’ll get this instead of a chapter no one is going to read for six more months.

I’m making great progress on FMT 2. I’ll be wrapping up Act 2 tomorrow, and then it’s just eight more chapters between me and completing the beta draft! The first Act needed the most work, but the rest of the book has gone really solidly. I put in a lot of work last summer, and it’s paying off now when I need it most. If I can finish it during the upcoming week, I think I can start thinking seriously about a release date which makes me REALLY happy. I haven’t released a brand-new novel since last year’s Counting StarsSigns of Life was an edited flash fiction.


I’m picking my next flash fiction series to edit, and my Patreon community has narrowed it down to Desperate Measures or Collect Your Regrets. Vote for your favorite choice!

I’ll be busy in 2024 editing — FMT 2 Jan-March, Hours April-June, FMT3 July-September, so I’m picking a project to work on next fall. It’s kind of fun to have so much nearly ready to release. It’ll be a busy year.

As we get closer to FMT’s completion, I’m gonna post a survey asking for some input on what kind of update schedule works best.

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  • I’m so excited on your progress. I’m always amazed by your schedule and organizational skills.

    According to arcoiris0502 on February 2, 2024