Surprise Bonus Chapter of Few Words

toomanyI hadn’t planned on posting another chapter of A Few Words Too Many today, but I hit such a great stride writing it last night that I wanted to celebrate a little 😛 I’ve finished the first parts of the story (which equal together, seventeen chapters) and only have seven left to write, so I may be peppering some extra chapters in every once in a while.

I also posted a new layout, but I’m not sure how much I like it. I’ll leave it around for a bit, but I may change my mind.

daughtersI plan to update again later with some site things and more chapters of Surviving the Past, so I’ll update this page at that point. Here are the additions so far:

Chapter Seven of A Few Words Too Many
Chapter Eight of Daughters

Later Update:

– Chapters 5-8 of Surviving the Past

And the last group of completed short stories from Liason Underground, so all the lost stories I currently have access to are now on this site.

Good Intentions (April 28, 2003 Episode Tag)
See You Later (Pic Fic Entry)
Left Behind (October 6, 2002 rewrite)
Just A Switch – No Goddamn idea what this is, but it’s here now.
Distrust (September 2003 Episode Tag)
Home for Christmas (AU song fiction)

Second Late Update:

I’m starting to merge The Lost Stories in their Short Stories category, specifically the General Short Stories and Episode Tags, which now have their own page. Also found one last 2006 short story located from my old board, set during the paternity mess I want to hurt very badly. So Mirrors is now located here.


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