Story Updates: Daughters, A Few Words, and the Lost Fic :P

pastI intend to sleep in tomorrow and then work on my paper, so I’m doing my posting before I pass out for the night. A large update for you if you like that sort of thing. I decided to go ahead and post the lost fic, Surviving the Past, with a heavy background note regarding the history of the story and a caveat about story quality. There are very few stories from 2002 that don’t end up in my Fiction Graveyard, but this isn’t one of them. So, of that story, I posted the first four chapters.

toomanyI also posted Chapter Six of A Few Words Too Many. I’m really happy about the response to this story so far, and I can’t wait for you guys to read the rest of the story. I’ve written up to and including Chapter Fifteen, so my plan is to be finished it before I run out of chapters to post and have to work on a deadline 😛

daughtersI also posted Chapters Four & Five of Daughters. I have thirteen more chapters to repost before you get the final three chapters. Much of the later revisions are few typos and organizational details, so they’ll be coming a lot faster now, probably one or two a day.



A Note: Please remember that I live in London, which means I’m five hours ahead of EST time, so for me this is Thursday 😛


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