Story Previews Posted

I’m feeling a little guilty since I’m not planning to post anything new this week.  I finished Shadows last week, and A Few Words Too Many and Daughters are returning next week (Sunday), but other than slowly moving over older stories, there’s nothing new and I’m trying to get my writing together so that’s something new at least once a week.

So, I’m posting some more previews. The opening snippet to a profanity-laced rewrite of the paternity debacle in 2006, in which Elizabeth Spencer lets Lizzie Webber out to play. This is called No Angel, and will be a short story posted when it’s finished. It’s not being officially shuffled into my writing schedule, just when I get annoyed because it’s so much easier to write angry.

I’m also posting a short scene from A Few Words Too Many, Chapter Three.

Let me know what you think and click here to read the previews.


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