Story Poll Closed & Story Updates

madworldHey! Another large update today 🙂  I’ve decided to close the poll asking visitors to vote which story they want to read next because the votes are basically in and the numbers haven’t moved. So, the top three stories were Mad World (21 votes), The Best Thing (19 votes) and Counting Stars (12 votes). Once A Few Words Too Many and Daughters are finished, I’ll be focusing on Tangle, These Small Hours and Mad World.

It’s easier for me, in some respects, to have more than one story going at once since what I want to write depends on my mood, and these three stories are set in completely different time periods (Mad World is 2004, These Small Hours is 2008 and Tangle is 2008-2024).

daughtersI had a major break through with Words last night, and finished all but the last chapter, which I plan to do today and tomorrow. So I’m going to go ahead and continue posting that once a day.

I’m almost finished with the last two chapters of Daughters–I intend to juggle working on that in with the next episode of Damaged, but both might be slightly delayed as I have a major paper and presentation due next week.  I’ll be posting one chapter of Daughters a day until I either complete it or run out of chapters, at which point there may be a gap. (More likely to be a gap as I only have two chapters left to post, and Chapter 18 isn’t quite finished.)

I’ve also added the next four chapters of Surviving the Past 🙂past

Surviving the Past: Chapters 17-20
A Few Words Too Many: Chapter 13
Daughters: Chapter 15


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