Story Pages Ready

The images to the right for Daughters and Shadows are now clickable, with story pages up. I haven’t started to move chapters over because I’m waiting on a plugin that would allow me to publish them as a series and then put that series list on a page.

Until that plug in is available, I’ll just be setting up story pages first, then moving over the short stories. Hopefully, it won’t take more than a week and I’ll have moved over the in progress stuff first. Again, I’m editing for typos and whatnot before I move over (and I’m toying with revising the first few chapters of Daughters since I wrote them before the plot became clear).

I’m also trying to set up some social actions, so I can close my forums at Yuku and have everything here. Additionally, if anyone has any fanfiction links or board links, I’d be happy to link to them. I’m completely out of the loop on where to go (having been banned from at least two Liason boards in my day :P).


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