Status of Whatnot and Therefores (I’m tired)

So my downtime for writing while at home did not materialize as two days after I arrived, I came down with a nasty cold that was only exacerbated by my constant running around to see and do things while in the States, and then traveling all day on an airplane, being in London for five minutes before a friend came to visit and spending three days walking and huffing and puffing in the chilly airs of Edinburgh. I just got home around midnight Sunday night, and our friend just left this morning.

*collapses from exhaustion*

I love my friends and family, but a girl has to relax. I was in my flat for 14 out of 30 days in June, and almost a week of that, I’ve been recovering from the plague my family gave me while at home.

Anyways. I do have Chapter 6 and 7 of The Best Thing beta’d, and I’m about halfway through the next episode of Damaged. Literally, the only thing left on my schedule that involves me spending time away from my flat between now and August 30 when I move home is a barbecue in Suffolk this Saturday. I’ll be gone Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Finally, the life calms down. It’s been nonstop for two months.

I’ll tidy up TBT 6 and post it tomorrow, and then TBT 7 next week and hopefully will get back on schedule.


  • Glad to see your fingers are still functioning, even if the rest of you must be on autopilot by now. Thanks for the info on how you’re doing. Please take care.

    According to Carla(kcke2pen) on July 1, 2014
  • Glad to hear you are feeling better! Enjoy your time over in the UK! Eat some Cadbury’s for me! Love that stuff!

    According to Tish on July 1, 2014