Song Fiction posted

All of the old stories from the Song Fiction category are available under the ‘Short Stories’ section. I reread them, and got a kick out of how often I used the same  type of dialogue to reunite Jason and Elizabeth in the 2002-04 years. I thought about how much better Cry Ophelia would have been if I hadn’t been trying to insert Jason/Liz reunion stuff in there.

The new revised Shadows has been started and I’m pleased at how it’s coming along, since it’s the first fanfiction I’ve written in almost four years, and the first fiction writing I’ve done in almost a year.  I’m moving over the short stories and series mostly, but I think I’ll move over I Shall Believe and Sanctuary first, of my completed long term stories.

I’m putting together Spotify playlists of some of the songs I featured in my stories, but several of them are not available through that program. I’m looking into alternate, legal options.


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