Some Maintenance Updates

I started converting Crimson Glass to WordPress in January, and had hoped to be finished almost a month ago. The bulk of the site had been moved over by then, but a few stories had remained. In another week or two, that will be complete, which makes me happy. I’ve wanted to convert to WordPress for years (even tried it once before my great disappearance) but in the six years of my hiatus, someone wrote a plug in that actually made it possible.

So, here’s where it stands: Everything has been moved over in its completion, which the exception of Sanctuary, Yesterdays and Aurora Dawning. I had actually forgotten AD because for some reason, it wasn’t posted on the old CG, so I’ve had to reformat it. I’m still working on the layout of that section, so expect it to look messy. Those three stories are being moved over in small chunks (Two chapters of Yesterdays a day, two or three of Sanctuary, and one part of AD at at time.) At that rate, it should be done in no more than two weeks. I’m going on vacation on Monday, March 31 for three days to Oxford, England, and doubt I’ll do much more than writing in my free time.

I finished reposting I Shall Believe, so all thirty three chapters are now online here. With that finished, I can move towards posting new stories. Starting tomorrow, with the first chapter of A Few Words Too Many, and then probably when I get back next Thursday, I’ll start reposting Daughters, with its revisions and its conclusion.

In poll news, it looks like after I finish Daughters, Few Words, Tangle, and These Small Hours, you’re getting The Best Thing followed by Mad World, but I’ll wait until June 1 and the poll officially closes to start digging in beyond plot sketches 😛


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