Some Administrative Site News

Your favorite kind 🙂

siteFirst things first: I added a FAQ page. I get questions sometimes on various pages, which I reply to but I’m never sure if someone has read gone back to see those answers. Plus, some questions get asked a few times, so I figured it was easier to add a page for all questions. Please feel free to ask any questions on that page using the comments.  I’m going through the comments to weed out questions posted by users, but if you have a question you’ve asked before, please ask it again so I get get the answer up faster.

Just an FYI. I’ll be doing some site work over the next few weeks, finishing up the process I began earlier this year. Some of the stories that are currently in Novels and Novellas ought to be in Short Stories, so I’ll be cleaning that up. It’s not a big deal except that those of you subscribed to updates for all posts will receive more than usual over the next few weeks.

Plus, NaNo is over after this week. I have just under 10,000 words to finish off and then I won’t be forced to juggle both. I’ll still be doing various projects, but NaNo creates this pressure to write, write, write, which is great, but it’s exhausting by the time you reach the fourth week.

I’m also juggling in my Christmas story, which has moved from outlining to storyboarding. I did already start writing just because scenes are in your head, so you have to do it.
So, lots on my plate and even better — I finally cracked the color code so I can change the backgroud of the whole page from white to something else (which is why it appears to be greyer, because I was playing with it) so that new layout is coming the same day I launch the Christmas story on December…ish. Haven’t settled on a premiere date.

I’ve put up the story page for my Christmas story, All I Want For Christmas. Should begin posting in the first week of December. More information is located there.

bestthingA status update for The Best Thing: I’ve personally written through Chapter 14, which means I have enough chapters to post through December 10. So finished TBT 14, opened up TBT 15 to start work and realized some how…my planned scenes for the rest of Part 2 (Chapters 8-20) are…somehow wrong. Now I have to restructure it a bit, haha. S’okay. We’re in the meat of the story and I’m so freaking excited for it.


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