Small Updates

I’ve updated the story status page to better reflect some of the progress I’ve made. I have a short Scrubs prequel to Hand Me Down to post on Monday. I’m not sure if I should post on Mondays or Sundays, but I guess it depends on my plans for those two days.

I’ve also worked out the editing for Daughters. When I first started the story, I kind of ambled around until I figured out what I wanted to write about, so I just want to clean up the early chapters to reflect how the story ended up. All of those edited chapters will be posted later in March, after I post the second part of Shadows.

Tangle is being rewritten, which makes me happy because I am so excited about what I’ve already finished and can’t wait for those of you who’ve followed me here to read it. You can check out the story status page for more information.

In less interesting news, the sub section for Hand Me Down has been posted in the Alternate History section if you want to familiarize yourself with the characters before the story begins again. I have to create a similar one for Aurora Dawning. I hope this weekend to move some of the other longer stories that are still waiting in limbo.


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