Site Structures

I know people are probably tired of site structure updates, ha. But you’ll all be happier when I have everything in place, because there won’t be anymore excuses for posting. (I cannot wait to start reposting some of the stuff I’ve written. I’m a much better writer than I was even six years ago).

Anywho — I started the new media section, which right now includes soundtracks for Daughters and These Small Hours (including YouTube videos!) Eventually, I’ll post the videos and slideshows I made once upon a time, and whatnot.

I also added the online page, which has links to sites I was excited to discover still existed.

The following stories still need to be moved over to this address:


– Spinning on An Axis
The Witness
– Sanctuary
– I Shall Believe
– Another Dumb Blonde
– North Star
– Intoxication
– Waiting At Home
– Jaded
– Life’s Little Quirks
– Yesterdays
– In the Family

Tangle and Daughters will be moved, starting in April. If you have a preference for which stories should be moved first, please feel free to comment and last me know.


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