Site Features Updated

So I reorganized the way novels and novellas are set up in the menu. I had just two pages orignally — one for alternate universe and another for alternate history. This worked, but for me, I just wasn’t satisfied.

I’ve added two pages: In Progess and Alternate Realities.

Now the History and Universe pages only list completed stories. The Alternate Realities is for stories like Hand Me Down and Damaged, stories that end up being my own version of the show.  The In Progress page lists all the stories that are currently unfinished and in the immediate planning stages.

For example, even though, at current count I have Damaged, Turning Points and Come On Eileen being worked on, I am also storyboarding/outlining/thinking about fifteen other stories, all in various stages. Several are just inklings, some have been outlined in here’s my idea, maybe some scene ideas. Others have been outlined, but left alone for a while.

And those in the immediate planning stages have moved from general outlines to detailed outlines. Once they pass that stage, they become in progress to me. So The Best Thing and These Small Hours have moved to this place, as both are being worked on.

What is not on the in progress page at the moment is Turning Points and Come On Eileen. I hope to get that remedied later today when I get back 🙂 I also hope to finish Come On Eileen and toss it in the short story section.

In other minor updates: I went through my novels/novellas and updated tags so the character/couple pages should be more accurate now for those. I plan on going through the short stories to double check them. I added tags so I can list them by the year in which they’re set  at some point as well. I never want you guys to search more than one minute to find a story you want to read 😛

I also fixed typos on the online page and added some graphics for you to link to this site to if you so choose.


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