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I hope everyone had a great last week! I had every intention of getting to Scars yesterday, but I had an absolutely terrible night of sleep and did not wake up in the frame of mind to work on a story like that whatsoever. Crossing my fingers, I do think we’ll be good to go for next week.

I’m back to work on September 1 officially, but I have to go into the classroom for a few hours on Tuesday to start setting up. It’s going to be really exciting to have my own classroom for the first time, so I’m concentrating on thinking about that instead of some of the other things that are complicating this school year.

I spent some time over the last few days finishing up the merging of all my stories on the Alternate History page. As you can see, the Ficlets and Short stories pages are now gone. There were a few AU stories on those pages, but  they’ll be on the new AU page which I hope to get done a lot faster than the AH overhaul. The bulk of what I write is rewriting the GH canon, so that took a lot longer to organize.  I’m really excited to have this part of the project done because I think it’s so cool to scroll through the AH page to see just how much I’ve written. My earliest and most recent writing are all in one place.

I’m turning my attention to reformatting AU stories just because there aren’t as many of them, and once that part of the Facelift is done, I’ll be able to start really digging into the harder part — organizing my massive media collection. There is so much GH related content I want to do, including more graphics for the site, but it’s almost impossible to do anything because this collection I’ve been building for 19 years is scattered and messy.

I’m working on Karma and Mad World, but I had a lot of sleeping issues this week which messed with my concentration. I feel much better today and plan to work on those today and this week.

I hope you’re all enjoying the Throwback Thursday content. September 19 is the site’s anniversary, and we’re approaching a HUGE one next year. Twenty years online! Even when the site domain expired in 2011, I moved it over to a different domain and let it sit there until we relaunched in 2014. Let me know if you have any thoughts or opinions for how to celebrate. I’ll see you guys later this week!


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