Signs of Life Updated!

Update Link: Signs of Life – Chapter 12

Hope everyone’s week got off to a good start. My Monday definitely did. I made a list of what needed to be done at work, and then…it actually got done at work. Wild. I think something that’s really helping so far is that I don’t have a duty like last year. My department at the last district was stuck with the lunch duty schedule — we ran the cafeteria, lunch detention, and dealt with bathroom duty. Absolutely the most miserable of schedules and always exhausting. I have seven classes this year, but I’d rather have that than run another cafeteria.

I didn’t even do any work when I got home today — do you know how rare that is for me??? I mean, I could have but I didn’t feel like I needed to. Won’t always be like this, but definitely hoping it’s the start of good stuff.

I wrote over the weekend — finished a chapter and I’m actually hoping to finish off two more chapters of FMT tonight. The next two chapters were mostly edited scenes so I only had to do some light work and write three scenes. I have two more to do, which I’m about to do now! (I write these posts the night before.)

I’m really excited to get into the next group of chapters for Signs of Life. If you guys remember — I had a plan for this series back in the day, and then I wrote the scene where Alexis suggested a marriage of convenience, and the story went crazy after that. I added A LOT of a material after we get through the wedding chapters.

See you on Thursday!


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