Signs of Life Updated!

Update Link: Signs of Life – Chapter 7

I swear, the universe has something against me. Last week was absolutely horrid. The kids were insane, the faculty meeting stole all my energy, and then four days into our fundraiser, we got told we couldn’t sell candygrams so we had to switch out for pencils and stickers (and organize refunds), and THEN my pipes backed up AGAIN for the fourth time in two years. So I had to spend the entire weekend dealing with that, and now I have to plan my life around my sewer pipe getting dug up sometime in the next few weeks to fix whatever the fuck is happening. There is literally nothing on this planet that I don’t hate right now.

Anyway. The schedule for the last seven days has gone to hell, but I’m determined to reset tomorrow and get back to work.


  • Tell God you have plans and then sit back and watch everything change. I’ve had the same plumbing probelms. expensive

    According to leasmom on February 13, 2023