Signs of Life Updated!

Finally made it to the first big break of the school year — the four day weekend. I’m actually feeling strangely good about the next few weeks. My lessons plans and content are done, it’s a new marking period so I’m on track with grades — just feels like work has finally calmed down.

I posted last night’s update on Twitter, and was so happy to see how many people were excited for FMT to finally be finished. You’ve all been so patient — it’s been three years this fall since I finished the alpha draft of Book 1. I’m just glad that Book 3 won’t take nearly as long since it already has a first draft. I had honestly wanted to write the next two books back to back, but didn’t actually plan on doing it.

I posted the beta draft in the digital shop for anyone interested in picking up a copy of the beta draft (remember it’s still in edits and will have lots of changes before final!). It’s available for the same price as the Devoted tier, $5.  The final version will still be posted for free late this winter/spring, but anyone who doesn’t want for me to finish polishing it or wants to see early drafts is welcome to enjoy.

Just a reminder that on my break I will be writing double Flash Fiction updates on Friday & Saturday morning.  See you tomorrow for another Signs of Life update!


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