Signs of Life Updated!

Update Link: Signs of Life – Chapter 20

This chapter has a ton of new content! The opening Liason scene has been lengthened, and the conversation has been edited heavily. Then, there’s a second Liason scene that is lightly edited. Finally, the Sonny scene and second half of the chapter is brand new.  Would love to know what you think — I spent a lot of time on this section of the story in edits, so I hope it was worth the extra wait.

I got my new shoulder brace, and it’s helping to limit how much I move the upper arm. We’ll see if it helps alleviate some of the pain. I appreciate the comments and suggestions — hopeful for some relief soon! I’m scaling back on writing this week just because sustained writing at the desk for more than 25 minutes is just not happening, and I’m falling behind with so much at work because I can’t work at the pace I’m used to. Trying not to be too frustrated, but you know me.

But hey, my Phillies clinched last night, so more baseball! We take on the Braves on Saturday, so thanks to the boys for lasting long enough to ensure they’re still in the playoffs by the time my postseason shirt arrives, lol.

See you on Saturday!


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