Signs of Life Updated!

Update Link: Signs of Life – Chapter 19

Note: This chapter is basically brand new! All new material or so heavily edited it’s not recognizable from the OG Flash Fiction.

Well, I’m writing this on Wednesday morning, feeling a bit of mixed feelings. Absolutely elated that my Phillies won the opening game of the Wild Card, and now we’re in a position tonight to clinch a trip to destroy the Braves again in the NLDS, but then I woke up unable to move my shoulder enough to get dressed much less drive to work. This would have been a great time to be married, lol, or live near someone who could drive me. I called out (which I hate to do) so that I can rest and ice, so I can go back to work the next two days.

I have a doctor’s appointment on Monday, and a shoulder brace being sent tomorrow that hopefully helps. I was trying to hold off buying anything until I had doctor’s advice, but I’m having a lot of trouble remembering not to use the arm. I made some adjustments to my desk chair to better support my shoulder and right now, typing this, it feels so much less sore and I don’t feel pain while typing.

Obviously, this shoulder injury and the way it’s getting worse is a huge blow to my hopes to make some real progress on FMT, at least this week. It’s obviously the higher priority to make sure I can get to work, so that’s the focus. Hopefully, this brace gives me some relief, and the specialist on Monday gives me a treatment plan so I can get my life back. It’s not just writing that’s more difficult, it’s literally everything, Changing my clothes is painful right now.

It’s just frustrating that as soon as I got my TMJ meds back, I have another health issue complicating things. But we’ll take it one thing at a time, I’ll keep updating Flash Fiction weekly so I’m still here. See you tomorrow!


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