*sigh* I missed our anniversary. Again. But I come bearing gifts!

Listen. I knew September 19 was happening, I was aware of the date the whole time, and then somehow — I completely forgot about it. I even made the video last week talking about CG’s history and mentioned the date. I don’t know.

ANYWAY. I don’t have much to celebrate this, but I don’t want to go unmarked. Crimson Glass has been online in some shape or form with some title since September 19, 2002, and that’s insane. Some of you are probably even OG Canvas readers who’ve been with me all this time. If you are, thank you for sticking with me and supporting me. This is the best second career anyone could ask for and you guys an awesome community.

To celebrate this, I have two posts for you to read and a new update for the Mad World vlog! In the vlog, I talk about finishing Act One and how Dante ended up as a lead in Book 4.  Both of these excerpts are basically unedited and first drafts, which means they will likely change before you see them.

Bad Karma – Opening Two Scenes

Mad World – Liason Honeymoon Scenes



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