Shadows – Surprise Update!

I had not intended to update Shadows in the middle of the week, but I had originally planned to write the story in two very long parts (the first was more than 8000 words), but as I was writing the second part, the conversations between Jason and Elizabeth became excessive, haha, so I stopped it fter about 5000, since I know the rest of the story is going to be long as well.

You can click the featured banner (which counts clicks and I can see how often it gets read), or click Shadows, Part 2, to read more.

The first batch of Daughters chapters are almost ready, so I’ll be posting Part 3 of Shadows on Sunday or Monday, as planned, and then Daughters the next week, but if you read fanfiction at The Road to Nowhere, I’ll probably be posting the six chapters there over the next few weeks, separately, before archiving them there.

In other site news, I haven’t done nearly as much moving as I had intended. I started moving North Star, but didn’t finish. If a title of a story is in bold and you cannot click on it, it either means I haven’t moved it yet, or that it’s coming soon.  I plan to finish moving the stories ASAP, but I keep getting distracted with, actual writing. PLUS! Ha. I’m in grad school in London, and occasionally I have to do work for that, including a massive 15,000 word dissertation on the legislation of Two Acts in the British Parliament in 1795. So…you can imagine how much fun that is compared with writing.

Enjoy, everyone and dude…thank you so much for remembering me and reading my stories again. Liason fans have always been the best!


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