Shadows, Part 3 Posted (Story is finished)

Finally, after almost two weeks, I have finished Shadows. Part 3 is posted, which you can read by clicking the featured banner to the right, or click here: Shadows.

I posted a poll to see which not already posted story readers want to see next. That poll will be up until June, since I have a TON of in progress stuff that has to be sorted before I can devote myself to anything else.

The edited chapters of Daughters will be along as soon as I finished reposting I Shall Believe, which should be in about ten days (roughly March 29). On Sunday, March 31, I’ll post the first full-fledged chapter of A Few Words Too Many (which includes the prologue piece I posted earlier and an extra scene). I would wait until April 1, but I’m leaving for a short vacation in Oxford on March 31.

While I’m working on FWTM, I’ll also be finishing up Daughters and working on the revisions of Tangle and These Small Hours. Daughters will be completed by end of May at the latest, and both Tangle and These Small Hours will resume posting sometime in either late May or early June.  Please, respond to Shadows – Part 3 and vote in the poll to see what story I should be day dreaming about when I should be paying attention to bus stops 😛

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