Quick Note about Blog Subscriptions

I’ve noticed that quite a few people have signed up to receive emails about new posts to this site. I’m super excited about, but somewhat concerned as I still have stories to move over, and I’ve saved my longest stories for last. I Shall Believe is about thirty chapters, Sanctuary is more than twenty chapters, Yesterdays is fifteen chapters, and Intoxication is about the same length.

I’m not sure about the subscription options, if you can only have them sent once a week, or whatnot, so I just wanted to warn anyone who’s receiving multiple emails from me over the next two months while I’ll finish moving stories. I cannot control subscription options, and if I had realized that I would have figured out a different method to keep people updated.  Those kinds of emails will be temporary, because once the site is completely moved, you’ll only get maybe one or two a week.

Shadows might be slightly late. Due to the changes in my outline, I had to readjust some of the later scenes, so they’re taking longer. I also have a presentation due tomorrow and a German paper due on Wednesday, so I have to spend most of today working on those things (and I already overslept and procrastinated by reading fanfiction, oy. I suck.) Shadows shouldn’t be too super late. I’ll write a scene here and there, and hopefully it’ll be up by Tuesday.

The poll has spoken, haha, and now that North Star is moved over (because I already started to do so), I Shall Believe is next.


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