Polls! Your Favorite Thing!

So I didn’t quite like my first pass at a redesign for The Best Thing graphic package (which is the story and the featured banner). I used the same photos and same concept for the most part for a third try. However, just because I was not overly fond of the first go around, doesn’t mean that’s not the public prerference. (and maybe you don’t care — I have issues, this is not news).

The first banner was really a place holder until I got my Liason DVDs to get better screencaps. I couldn’t find the right tagline, but the graphic itself is not awful. The second banner, for me, ended up with too much emphasis on Elizabeth, instead of Jason. So I used the same concept and pulled back the coloring on Liz to focus more on Jason. The amount of overthinking I do on graphics is astonishing, isn’t it? Oy.

So Poll #1: The Best Thing banner. Here are your choices:

Banner #1


Banner #2


Banner #3



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And second piece of business for the day: Christmas layout! I mostly want to change the layout because this has been up for ages, but I can’t choose which one I want to do.

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