Poisonous Dreams – Reposting Finally Completed

After many moons, I posted Chapters 20 and 21 and the Epilogue for this albatross, ha.  You can click here: Poisonous Dreams to read it.

On my drawing board: I have Chapter 7 of The Best Thing compled and beta’d, but I’m going to hold off on posting it for a few reasons. Mostly though, it’s because I’m not done Chapter 8 and I like having at least one chapter in my holster. The mojo I was looking for with my fiction writing somehow happened with my dissertation, and I plan to start writing that this week as long as my supervisor approves my outline. Our very last visitor is leaving next Saturday, so I really can get the business going on that. During the period my first draft will be out for review, I’ll be writing and packing.

Thanks guys for sticking with me through this difficult time. I hope to make it worth your while 😛 I’ll be updating my story status page at some point today/tonight.


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