Plethora of Lost Fics Added Tonight

Using the Internet Wayback Machine, I located about elevenish short stories that I wrote in 2002/03, including some interesting stories in which Brenda tortures Jason.  I haven’t figured out how to index them on this site, so I’ll just list them in the post until I figure out a better way.

Song Fiction

It’s Meant the World
Do You Ever Think of Me
Some Say Love

Replacing The Twit – some episode tags in which I either added Elizabeth to a scene she wasn’t in on the show or removed Courtney and inserted Elizabeth.

Lizzie Does Thanksgiving

Brazen BFF Stories (Ha. I always loved these two together. GH missed the boat with them being bffs.) Basically, Brenda leads Jason back to happiness.

Coming Home
What Makes You Happy

Missing Stories from Heliconia and Clam Chowda

Violence Solves Everything (Jason/Brenda dialogue fic)
Better Late Than Never

This last story is not a Liason fic, but a Georgie POV fic that has some Elizabeth in it. It was meant to be the first part of a larger story, but, ah, it’s been lost to history.

The Sweetest Thing: Applications and Admirations


I still have some short stories I located at Liason Underground, but there are also several abandoned chapter fics. Would you guys be interested in some of the stories I started, but never completed for some reason?


  • Wow! You weren’t kidding when you said you had a lot of fics to post! I am amazed at the variety and am having so much fun reliving these snapshots of Liason history. Mui Grazie!

    According to kcke2pen on April 11, 2014