PD updated

I added Chapter Two to Poisonous Dreams, which I accidentally labeled Chapter Three. Oy. I promise a new banner will come along soon for that story — I just have to wait on my DVDs, covering Liason from August 2002-November 2006, plus an entire DVD of Elizabeth’s return in 2004. Woot! Happy days!

Note: If anyone got this email three times like I did, please let me know. I’m…not sure what that’s about.

And to hold you over, here is the ending of my opening scene for The Best Thing, which I just finshed an hour ago (the scene, that is).


She was almost at the launch when she turned back, a mischievous smile spread across her delicate features. “You know the best thing about being home for Christmas?”


“The smell of snow.”

He laughed, remembering that conversation in her studio all those Decembers ago. “Snow doesn’t smell,” he teased.

She arched an eyebrow and stepped onto the waiting launch. “Yes, it does.”

He got to his feet, feeling lighter than he had in weeks as he watched launch disappear into the mists towards Spoon Island. “Welcome home,” he murmured. 


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  • Hey! I just sent you two emails, because for some reason the first one didn’t send the link or activation code, but you should have it now!

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