Patreon Tiers for 2021!

Note: I have posts going out every day this week. Today is the Patreon tier release, then three vlogs over the next few days, then on January 1, my 2020 In Review/2021 Year Ahead. Just an FYI 🙂

In September 2019, I relaunched my Patreon tiers with new benefits and tiers. Over the last sixteen months, that community has grown INSANELY and allowed me to really expand the time and energy I put into both my writing and the site itself (as well as making room for launching the channel). That being said, my writing process has really changed during 2020 so it was necessary to revisit those tiers and benefits for the next year.

If you are a current subscriber, you are losing no perks — I’m just making the ones you already receive BETTER. If you haven’t joined, that’s totally okay! All of my writing is completely free, and the only thing that Patreons get that you don’t is access to work products like drafts. The final published products are, and will always be, free.

For the lower tiers, it’s a lot of behind the scenes and early access to any flash fiction, videos, or short stories. Beginning with the $3 tier, you get varying levels of access to my work in progress projects. Let me briefly explain what those drafts are.

Alpha Draft — This is my first pass at the story and the messiest. I do not edit as I write, so there are typos, inconsistencies, dropped stories and characters, and also things that come out of nowhere. If I get an idea halfway through, I just start writing it like it already exists, then fix later. It’s the version that looks least like the published version and probably the hardest to read, lol.

Beta Draft – My first pass at cleaning up the first draft. I clean up typos and inconsistencies. Scenes and chapters are added or cut. It makes a lot more sense and is closer to the final draft.

Posting Draft – My final pass.  This is the version that gets released to the public.

Crimson Fan ($1 Tier)

EARLY ACCESS (One Day Before General Public)

  • Short story or full novel releases
  • Crimson Glass on YouTube video (eventually — the scheduling is being cranky right now, but I will figure this out!)
  • Ebook Releases


  • Livestreams & Patreon filmed writing updates
  • Polls about upcoming stories & site changes

Crimson Love ($3 Tier)

All benefits of Fan Tier included.

EARLY ACCESS (One Week Before General Public)

  • Any short story or full novel release
  • Crimson Glass on YT (if possible, sometimes the editing doesn’t work out)
  • Ebook releases


  • Alpha Draft – When completed

Crimson Devoted ($5 Tier)

All benefits of Fan & Love Tier included.


  • Ebook Release as soon as its formatted. It’s my hope to get these to be done a full month before general release, but we’ll play it by year in 2020.


  • Alpha Draft – Monthly Update
  • Beta Draft – When Completed

Crimson Adored ($7 Tier)

All benefits of Fan, Love & Devoted Tier included.


  • Alpha Draft – Weekly Updates
  • Beta Draft – Weekly Updates
  • Posting Draft – When completed

Crimson Obsessed ($10 Tier)

All benefits of Fan, Love, Devoted & Adored Tier included.


  • Alpha Draft chapters as completed.
  • Beta Draft chapters as completed
  • Posting Draft as chapters are completed.
  • Flash Fiction Request – you can give me an idea or request for a flash fiction series. This is a one-time benefit, not a recurring monthly thing, LOL. I can’t write them all!

The tiers kick off with the Beta Draft of Fool Me Twice, starting January 1!


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