Organize By Word Count

So this is something I’ve been considering off and on about my completed stories, and even the planned ones. Every once in a while, I get an idea that isn’t really a short story, but it won’t be a full-length one with lots of chapters. I generally write long short stories, between 10-21,000 words if I’m not writing 1500 or massive 100,000 word stories.

But sometimes, I think readers click on a story with a summary that they’re looking forward to, only to learn it’s a short story of no more than 20,000 words. For example, First Do No Harm is 12, 258 words long, and those of you who’ve read it, know it’s because it’s about a specific plot that is resolved, but the relationships aren’t.

So my question is: Would you prefer if I came up with a way to organize my stories so that you know going in how long they are? For example, if I labeled stories like A Few Words Too Many (currently clocking in at 101, 224 words) as a novel, stories like Shadows at 20, 921 words as novellas and First Do No Harm and If I Don’t Try With You as novelettes, while keeping anything under 5,000 word count in the short stories section.

Click yes if this something you’d like. and click no if you don’t want it, but also if you don’t care. It wouldn’t take a lot of work, but if it’s honestly something that only concerns me, I’m not really going to worry about it 😛


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  • I would like to see categories. like 1-10 chapters 11-30, 31-75 that sort of thing I can’t go by the number of words. Loving all your stories

    According to leasmom on April 21, 2014