New Patreon Benefits Going Live July 1!

Poll Results are in! Overwhelmingly, you voted to get all eight chapters at once! I’m actually going to split them in half. Chapters 31-34 go live on Sunday and Chapters 35-38 go live on Monday. If I do it all at once, you’ll be waiting until Monday. I thought you’d rather have some ASAP. I hope that’s okay!

Hello! For the past several years, I’ve been using Patreon as a way to pay for my hosting costs and invest in research and materials for my writing. I’ve been able to fully pay for my hosting, upgrade to a new domain, film and edit videos for my channel, and also make some financial decisions that give me time to write. I no longer work a second job which gives me more time to write (I quit tutoring in October of 2018).  Thank you so much for your love and support over these last few years. I am the luckiest fanfiction writer in the world.

All of my writing is available here at Crimson Glass for free, but Patreons get access to content before I post it here and they also get behind the scenes content. I publish all drafts of my stories and give a lot of more information. I also do livestreams and video content there.

If you are a current Patreon, your benefits kick in automatically. You can change your tier today to anything except the Stalker tier — I’m creating that on June 30. It will take affect starting next month since you’ve already been charged. If you would like to sign up, you can do so *on* July 1. If you sign up now, you’ll be charged for both months.

Here are the benefits going live on July 1. The biggest change is the distribution of in progress novels, so check out your current tier. Please let me know if you guys have any suggestions or thoughts for changes or extra benefits!

  • Crimson Fan ($1)
    • Access to a weekly check in blog where I talk about the writing in detail and often give spoilers.
    • Access to livestreams which I give a TON of writing details. I use these to work through problems I’m having.
  • Crimson Love ($3)
    • Benefits in Fan Tier
    • Weekly releases of chapters (if I’m posting in progress stories) on Sunday.
    • Any ebook releases a day before they go public.
  • Crimson Devoted ($5)
    • Benefits in Fan & Love Tiers
    • You get the full posting draft when it’s ready for release. This is the version of the story as it will be posted on the site.
    • Ebook releases a week before they go public.
  • Crimson Adored ($7)
    • Benefits in Fan, Love & Devoted Tiers
    • You get the full beta draft when it’s ready for release. This is the version of the story after my first round of edits.
    • Ebook when it is completed.
  • Crimson Obsessed ($10)
    • Benefits in all previous tiers.
    • You get the alpha draft draft when it’s ready for release. This is the first, super messy version of the story.
    • Beta & Posting Chapters as they’re edited.
    • Flash Fiction Story Request: You can request a plot for Flash Fiction.
  • Crimson Stalker ($15)
    • Benefits of previous tiers
    • Alpha Draft chapters as they are written.


  • I can’t wait !!

    According to Becca on June 12, 2021