New Menu Items & Fiction Graveyard

sitenewsSo this is the last time I plan to post updates about this particular theme to the main part of the site. The majority of the tweaks that needed to be done are either completed, or are in the process. All that’s left is a few cosmetic changes.

The menu at the top of the page has been completed. The addition of the writing tab is also ready — the Fanfiction 101 series once located under “Site” is now there, with maybe more to come. But the Sort/Site section is now complete.

The media page is under construction — most of what was there were links to videos and soundtracks that been redistributed to their specific story pages (A Few Words Too Many, Daughters, and These Small Hours). What’s left will be reorganized into one Music page.

I also started to work on the various story pages to go with the new style design. Mostly just cleaning up character images, replacing the bolded words Characters/Background with styling for color changes.  There’s no point in listing all the specific ones updated so far.

The Fiction Graveyard section got a slight face lift — I worked on the way information is listed and continued work on the story pages in that area. I’m still gathering and formatting all the stories for this so that once I start posting, I can just do it in large chunks. Otherwise, it takes too long to format chapter by chapter.

The next time I bug you guys will be a story update on Wednesday with The Best Thing 🙂


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