New HMD Prequel: Lullabyes

I’ve posted the first prequel to Hand Me Down, Lullabyes, a Scrubs fic from Patrick’s POV as he prepares to become a husband and father. It was originally posted six years ago as Sweet Surrender, so if early parts feel at all familiar, it’s from there. For Liason fans, there are some minor Liason mentions, and Elizabeth is a character.

I started a Twitter feed (mostly for shits and giggles), but all minor updates will be posted there rather than on this blog. If I move a story over, or make any site changes.  Follow @CrimsonGlass to get updates.  Updates to the main page here will be reserved for major updates or stories, at which point I’ll summarize any change.

I’ve updated the layout of this site, for a better header image, as well begun redesigning the Alternate History section, so that each story is set up for its own little icon. The stories in the Completed section are now set in chronological order, beginning with 2002 and going until the last story that’s completed, First Do No Harm, in 2008. All subsequent stories will moved to the completed section to fit in that way.

I moved The Witness and Another Dumb Blonde earlier this weekend, with some thoughts to move North Star and Sanctuary at some point this week, my two Scrubs stories.

There’s a Coming Soon page that’s outfitted with stories that I’m planning and ones that will be returning at some point.


  • Hi, love your site. Who is in the Heaven Forbid pic with Jason?

    According to nav on March 2, 2014
  • Hey, it’s a picture of Jason and Elizabeth, comforting each other, I think in 2011? With a picture of Robin to the side.

    According to Melissa on March 2, 2014
  • Very interested to read it, can’t wait 🙂

    According to nav on March 2, 2014