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ICYMI: Site & Story Status – September 2020

Fool Me TwiceHappy Wednesday! I’m back on my evening schedule, but uh — *sheepish grin* we’ll be updating Friday in the morning. I know, I know, but I’m having my other niece sleepover and she will not tolerate me ignoring her for an hour so that I can write. I swear — next week, we should be good.

I worked A LOT on Fool Me Twice over the last few days, and I think I should be able to finish up the chapter breakdown today or tomorrow which is ahead of school. Chapter breakdown was going so well today that I ended up not getting to Mad World Book 4 at all — but that’s okay. I’ll be able to work on it on Friday. Fool Me Twice, Book 1 looks like it’ll be around 35 chapters, give or take one chapter or two. That could still change once I get into writing it, but I’m really happy with how it’s structured so far.

There are some places where I think I need to adjust as I write, but I definitely think I’m giving myself a lot of options. Even more — a few subplots have developed I wasn’t planning. I had one thought for the teens, and it’s going in a slightly different direction but I really like it. I’m also surprised by how the Liason storyline is working out — it means shifting some things for Book 2, but I’m not mad about it. Moving the start date from December to mid October means that some things would happen earlier than I thought, so I’m going with it for now.


  • I love to read about your planning and thought processes. It’s so cool! Again, you do so much work on your stories. I appreciate it.

    According to arcoiris0502 on September 9, 2020