New Chapter of Few Words Too Many and Four Lost Short Stories

For some reason, I wrote a ton of short stories in 2006, and four them were posted either at my LiveJournal or on my Yuku board but never made it the main CG site, so I, sitting on vacation and can’t sleep because this is my life and it sucks, figured I’d pass the time by collecting them and posting them here. I think I’m going to have to reorganize the short stories page. There’s too much going on.

Also, haha, the poll results have taken a sharp turn. The Best Thing is maintaining its lead by as small margin, but Counting Stars has supplanted Slide on the list, so the top three are: The Best Thing, Counting Stars and Mad World, but Damaged is coming up from behind and I probably wouldn’t count out Slide just yet.  I have no idea what I’m writing this summer 😛

I have got to learn what it means to be on vacation.

Also, because I have issues, I posted Chapter 3 of A Few Words Too Many

Precipice – Maxie/Georgie fic about grieving. Written before Georgie was killed in 2007.
Worth – Diego prison ficlet posted long before the fucker killed my beloved Georgie.
Two Strikes – Patrick/Elizabeth friendship fic in which she reveals her pregnancy woes.
Bad Taste – Jason/Elizabeth fic in which Elizabeth learns the sad truth about the man who fathered her child. Um, this is not a happy story. You should probably read at your own risk.


  • I like Bad taste and can’t wait to read more about it.

    According to Shelly Samuel on April 1, 2014