Name that Story!

So I woke up yesterday thinking about how much I love reading about marriages of convenience in my historical romance novels. (The Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas may be one of the best books I’ve ever read). I’ve written about the plot device once in Poisonous Dreams, but abandoned it in the rewrite. Reposting the very first version of that story had me just day dreaming about what it would take to make a marriage of convenience with Jason and Elizabeth work.

One thought led to another, until I had to start writing down the scenes and dialogue. 6, 559 words later and I had a full outline for a story. Ha. I have issues. Anyway. I can’t figure out what to call the damn thing. Sometimes a title just comes to me, and sometimes it’s like pulling teeth. So, here’s your blurb. I’ve put up a poll with two choices, but if you have a better idea that would be great too 😛

Set in 2006. As Elizabeth plans to take a paternity test, she learns she has been suspended from her job, suspected of providing Lucky with pills. Ric gives her an ultimatum: Lose your job, your child and go to jail or testify against Jason. She turns to Jason for help, but their solution may just end up causing them more problems than they can solve. 

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Or comment with your own choice. Later today, I’ll finish adding Silent Reverie and work on some of the other Graveyard story content. Just a friendly reminder that any story on that page is either abandoned or in the process of being rewritten, so don’t get too attached to any of them.


  • Thanks for the warning about not getting attached to the posts in your Graveyard. I had forgotten about that. Good luck on the title of your new MOC.

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