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Your Update Link: Signs of Life – Part 4

I got most of my babble out in yesterday’s update, so we’ll just get right to the update and news. I crossed the 20k mark in Fool Me Twice and wrote Chapter 4 today. Make sure to check out my Twitter feed with the hashtag #CGFoolMeTwice. I try to update every time I write and lately I’ve been sharing lines from new scenes. I’ll be back tomorrow with Shot in the Dark on its new day.



  • I enjoyed your babble. You crack me up and I’m still amazed at your organizational skills. I do one thing and I’m done. What grade or grades are you teaching and the subject? One positive thing from COVID-19 is that people now understand and appreciate all the hard work that teachers do on a daily basis.

    According to arcoiris0502 on October 17, 2020