Mad World Updated & Research Stream News

Update Link: Mad World, Book 4 – Chapter 101

I sat down to figure out the schedule for Flash Fiction for the rest of the summer, including plotting out the rest of Scars, which I hadn’t done since it was on hiatus.  With two updates a week, Scars will complete in early September. I’m working on actual calendar for you guys to look at with the schedule as we move out of the summer and into the fall.

ETA:  Jul – Sep 2022 Calendar

Counting Stars is going great. The chapters are shorter than my norm, at least in the alpha draft, so it’s been easier to write two chapters a day. I’ve completed 17 and have 10 more to go. When it’s done, it’ll be the size of a typical romance novel, which makes sense since it’s a straightforward romance. We haven’t had one of those in…I don’t think I’ve ever done a project where the entire conflict is the Liason romance, so that will be really fun. I have 9 days left to write 10 chapters, so finishing on schedule by July 31 looks great.

The last bit for this week is that with the new recording setup organized, I’m going to do weekly research streams. This is basically me throwing up clip compilations to watch to get the idea of a story and ideas for characters and what not. This week, I’m doing a deep dive for Kismet (set in 1997), so I’m watching Jason Morgan from fall of 1997. Next week, we’re jumping forward to These Small Hours, so it’s Liason in summer and fall 2008. If you’re a Patreon subscriber at the Obsessed and above level, you know I’ve been working on deep dive discovery for several projects to have a range of options ready.

We’re going to be going live at 6 PM EST tonight, but the stream will stay public if you want to check it out later.


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