Mad World updated! (Last Wednesday update! Posting Schedule Changing)

Update Link: Mad World, Book 4 – Liberty, Chapter 83

A few quick notes before I dip out again until Sunday.

  • Mad World is moving to twice a week, starting Tuesday, May 31. Chapters will be posted on Tuesdays & Fridays at 7 AM.
  • New computer is here and we’re mostly set up. Getting used to the new keyboard and screen (it’s huge)
  • Had a busy start to week, but I’m home every night for the rest of the week, and then I have a three day weekend for Memorial Day, so planning a lot of editing.
  • Mad World was starting to really struggle to open on my last laptop, which was why editing was also a bit slow. New computer — it opens in 30 seconds and runs really fast.
  • I’ll have some more Flash Fiction scheduling news, I think, on Saturday.

Prayers with anyone affected by the school shooting in Texas on Tuesday. As a teacher, the knowledge that at any time, this could happen, has always been part of my teaching experience.  Columbine happened when I was freshman in high school. Sandy Hook when I was a college senior, but nothing has brought home more than the lockdown drills we do at school.

We have large classes full rambunctious kiddos who struggle with staying quiet on good days, much less during anxiety ridden practices.  My job is to get to the door, make sure it’s locked and closed, and then get the kids in the corner and hope this time it’s a drill, praying the real thing will never happen. The odds are against it every happening in my school, to be sure, but I know those parents who hugged and kissed their kids goodbye yesterday never dreamed they wouldn’t come home.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. I’ll see you on Sunday.


  • I don’t know when it’s going to stop. Schools are supposed to be safe. Prayers.

    According to arcoiris0502 on May 25, 2022