Mad World Updated & Finalized Summer Schedule (I think)

Update Link: Mad World, Book 4 – Chapter 89

This was posted earlier this morning, but I forgot to push out an update post — apologies!

I am officially on summer break as of 1 PM this afternoon, so yay for me. The kids were mostly low-key this week, but I got nailed with a nasty sinus infection that screwed with my sleep schedule so that was fun.

I was considering doing Flash Fiction this Sunday, but the lack of sleep just kind of bogged me down so I won’t be doing that. I posted the schedule last week, and it’s mostly the same except I now have the story for Wednesday, so in case you missed it:

  • Monday: Invisible Strings – AU Western Romance (20, 30, 40 minute increments)
  • Tuesday:  Mad World
  • Wednesday: Watch Me Burn (Set in 2007. Rewrites serial killer story. Last minute underdog win the Patreon vote. (20, 30, 40 minute increments))
  • Thursday: Mad World
  • Friday: Signs of Life/Scars (60 minutes increments)


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