Mad World Updated!

Update Link: Mad World, Book 4 – Chapter 97

I feel like I didn’t explain myself well yesterday when I posted about the thumbs up addition and Mad World reviews because it sounded like I was complaining, and I definitely didn’t mean it  that way. I love reading what people think (or even just seeing loved it!), but I also understand people who don’t reply.

My stats plugin for WordPress used to be really reliable — I tend to average between 40-50 hits on individual chapters in previous books, but lately the stats are all over the place — between 20-100. One chapter will get 25, then the next will have 115. I think it’s just search engine bots. I’ve been looking for ways for you guys to just note your support, and finally found a simple plugin that just lets you do a thumbs up. I’m hoping that’ll give me a more accurate idea of who’s reading what so that I can better plan future content.


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