Mad World Updated!

Update Link: Mad World, Book 4: Liberty Chapter 78

Continuing reading for a brief life and schedule update.

Hey! I truly meant to return on Monday for Flash Fiction but it honestly just never worked out. I was a bit productive the first days of break, but my brain just sort of conked out at some point and I really just vegged out. I kind of feel like I’m going to be dragging myself into summer vacation, and my next small savings goal is to put away money for an actual short vacation where I leave my house and get away from responsibilities like laundry, cleaning my fridge, or doing dishes.

I started seeing the chiropractor last week, and I went back for my second appointment today. It’s hopeful that this is going to help with my neck and back issues which will maybe help ease the tinnitus (whooshing in my ear). If I can get those things under control before the summer, along with continuing to manage my anxiety, I’m looking forward to a really productive summer.

In the mean time, Flash Fiction will still be updated on Sundays, hopefully more often than it’s not. Mad World will be posted every Wednesday, at least through May 26. At that point, I should have edited enough to bump it up.


  • It’s always good to just veg sometimes. Teaching and writing take a lot out of you. Continued success with the chiropractor for your issues. I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be to constantly have that whooshing in your ear. Yikes!!! Take care.

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