Your Update Link: Mad World – Book 3

Words cannot express how excited I am for you guys to read this book. I really poured everything into this and tried so hard to make it the best I could. As you read this book, I think it’s fascinating to note that none of this was in my original plan for Book 3. What is ultimately going to be Book 4 was the original plan for Book 3. But as I wrote the first draft, I knew I had the wrong starting point so I added fifteen chapters in front of what I’d already written. During the beta process, that eight chapters ended up being expanded into twenty-five, and before I knew it — my draft was split into two.

Reading over this book, it’s insane to me I was ever going to skip this time period between November 2003 and January 2004. I’m so glad that I went back and fleshed out this story, and I hope you guys will be too!

A note on the ebook: I haven’t finished it then. My plan is to finish it for Patreon supporters this weekend for early access and then have it for you guys in November.


  • Melissa, I’m so looking forward to reading this latest edition of Mad World, but I’m going back to the beginning and re-reading the whole story. I’ll be back when I’m finished to give you feedback. I can’t wait to spend time with this – I know that I’ll enjoy every minute of my read.

    According to Jo-Ann Rae on October 6, 2020
  • What an exciting time for you! I can’t wait to start reading.

    According to arcoiris0502 on October 6, 2020
  • Melissa, this is very exciting and a wonderful accomplishment. You should be very proud. I think I’m going to start over with book one and follow the flow into book 3. Thank you for your talent.

    According to Sandra on October 7, 2020