I Have So Many Issues. New Short Story Posted

*Sigh* So you can skip the previews for If I Don’t Try With You, because somehow, I wrote 20 pages of the bloody thing today and finished it. This should be good news, but now it’s already like 7:30 and I’m going to eat dinner late. Again. Frick my life.

Anyways. If I Don’t Try With You is the true moment of transition from General Hospital to my alternate world, which rewrites the aftermath of Michael’s shooting in 2008. It’s both happy and dark at the same time, but I’m pretty damn excited about how it turned out.  This is my last update for today. I swear.


  • You are my hero, Wonder Woman! This take on Michael’s shooting is fantastic and so real! Kudos!

    According to kcke2pen on April 16, 2014